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This is the home page of the Streatham Ice Skating Action Group (SISAG). There has been an ice rink in Streatham (South London, UK) since 1931. In the light of the planning application by Tescos to re-develop the site, and Lambeth Council's consultation on the surrounding area, many people were concerned about possibly losing the ice rink, but were not in contact with each other. SISAG was set up to share information and co-ordinate a campaign to preserve ice skating in Streatham.

The aims of SISAG are in Aims and Objectives. Information about the campaign is posted on Campaign News. Information about SISAG email updates, and project updates from Lambeth is available at Project Updates. The original Streatham rink was the second oldest in the country. For some historical information see Rink History. The new Streatham rink is now open and events are happening there - see Rink Events. For links to other relevant sites see Links. For details of how to contact the group see Contact SISAG.

SISAG is also part of the Stakeholders Group that Lambeth set up to be consulted about the leisure development.

********Latest ********

New Time Capsule Buried

A new time capsule was buried near Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre on Wednesday 12th March 2014 by Councillor Lib Peck and Diane Towler-Green MBE with pupils from Granton Primary School. There is a Lambeth news article here and photos of the plaque here.

Interview with Candice Towler-Green in Weekender Magazine

There is an interview with Candice Towler-Green about skating and the new Streatham rink in the February edition of Lambeth Weekender Magazine.

Pictures of the Development

The Picture Gallery includes pictures of the development since the start. Here are direct links to the most recent pictures of Streatham Hub (14th March 2014) and Brixton Rink Dismantling (27th Feb 2014).

For more details see Campaign News.

Page last updated: 20th March 2014